Something I have struggled with and gotten a little better on is sarcasm. When I was younger I had absolutely no understanding about sarcasm. I got very confused when a sibling, family member, or other person would say things like “that’s great”, ‘thank you”, and “just what I wanted”. When they said those things they really meant the exact opposite.


I never really got, understood, or heard the term sarcasm till I was probably a little over ten. One of the first times I found out what it meant is when my Mom said a particular artist, who isn’t one of my favorites, was my favorite! Wow, I was puzzled. Then my Mom said this “opposite stuff” was sarcasm.  She started explaining it to me, and it has become clearer.


Quite frankly, I don’t think I am a big fan of it. I remember times when I have gotten quite embarrassed when there were jokes that my siblings or others said I didn’t think were funny. They would actually make me feel upset. So now I know that this world is filled with all kinds of sarcasm. I just have to bear with it and not get that upset because of it.