About twelve years ago I discovered an unlikely fear. It was a classical musical piece called “Carnival of the Animals”. Because I enjoyed classical music, I would get music for birthdays and for Christmas.  I had more than one copy of this.  “Carnival of the Animals” is a series of songs on different animals which had instruments sounding like the animals. One animal in particular which frightened me was the Swan. It would creep me out so much that I couldn’t go to sleep. I would always fear that a piece of clothing or a certain object was a Swan or one of the other animals in the musical piece.  Eventually, my parents hid that piece of music from me.  This was kind of ironic because classical music was what I loved.

Another fear that I had was when my parents would go downstairs to the basement to watch a movie or TV show. I thought upstairs was so far from the basement. I remember a series of nights I would run down and tell them I was afraid of the dark or had bad thoughts of “Carnival of The Animals”. Sometimes I had to either stay down in the basement with them until I fell asleep, or one of my parents would sleep in the same room as me. This continued until I was nine years old. This stopped when I finally realized my parents would never leave the house, and the basement really wasn’t that far away.