This blog goes out to all the sports fans who are exited about the upcoming Super Bowl. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the time I went to a football game.

On Saturday night, November 28, 2015, there was a college football game that I was invited to go to with my dad and some of my family members. When I was asked the first thing that went through my mind was “no, definitely not”. That was mainly because of the loud screaming, cheering, and music they would be having in the background.  All of my siblings said “yes” to this particular game. My parents said that I could do whatever I wanted to, just in case I didn’t let the loud noise be the vote decider.

Then, I changed my mind and decided to go with it. I went, and it started out pretty loud, but then I realized something. If I was having conversations with people, and paying attention to the score, time, and events of the game, things would seem a lot more quiet. I ended up having a great time. From now on I will never let loud noise be the only reason I do not go some place.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.  Go Panthers and Broncos.