Sounds hurt Billy and not just a little bit.  One of our biggest responsibilities as parents is to keep our children safe.  For Billy that included, as much as humanly possible, avoiding loud and chaotic places.  It was really never much of a sacrifice.  When you know your child will be huddled in a corner with his hands over his ears, home always seems like the better option.

As I have mentioned before, Billy has always been able to communicate with us to some extent.

This gift has been such an advantage in helping him.  The better he has become in communicating his wants and needs, the more we are able to help him process his world and most importantly, teach him how to process and make sense of his world.  This has helped him build survival skills and techniques to be in loud places and not feel overwhelmed.

Yet, sometimes home still seems like the better option.  So, I was not surprised when given the chance to go watch Temple play football at Lincoln Field with all of the guys.  Billy was a little wary.  This gave us an opportunity to have a little chat. When it came down to it, the fear of sound was the only thing keeping him from saying “yes”.  There were so many other advantages to him going.  Hang time with his Dad, Uncle, brothers and cousin was at the very top of the list. Taking this pause time with him to think through his decision enabled him to get very excited about going…and best of all have a wonderful time.