It seems that reactions with food are a big part of my autism. In my body proteins in gluten and casein are not able to be broken down. To help me with some but not all of the foods I have pills called enzymes which do the job and break it down for me. They are tiny white pills. I need to take two of them at every meal. They only last in my body for a total of 90 minutes at a time.

I have been using enzymes since 2004. A couple months before them I had to eat gluten free kinds of foods which really didn’t taste that great to me. When the family had pizza, I would have to have gluten free pizza with the crust made out of goat milk. Then I received enzymes, and I didn’t need to have gluten free parts of all my meals.

I don’t really like going a long time without my enzymes. I feel when I don’t have them for a while I seem to lose control. I seem to stutter a lot more, which is when I have trouble speaking and the words I say come out slowly. I wonder every day if I will ever not have to consume enzymes, but for now I am glad to have a pill like enzymes.