A couple weeks ago on March 12, 2016, my parents, a friend, and I went to look at Manor College, a small school outside of Philadelphia.  I have wanted to go there, since I attended a camp at Manor last summer. It seems like a lot happened in the 90 minutes that I was there.

First, we attended a meeting on getting a business degree. I though it was very helpful. The professor gave an introduction of the different classes you could take like bookkeeping and accounting. Then he took about twenty minutes to ask questions. It seemed everyone in the room had a question. Most of them were either about transferring college credits.  Manor College is a two year college, so they offer either associate degree or transfers to four year schools.

After that part we went downstairs to another room. This is where mom and dad were asking questions. One of the questions was if I would have to take an extra fourth year course in Math. The good news is ‘no’ was the answer. Then I filled out a form asking me questions. The great part after three pages of questioning was that I got a free T shirt. I am very glad I went, and I am really looking forward to see if I will get accepted into my college of choice.