The diagnosis of Autism stirred many emotions within my Mammas heart through the years.  Fear is certainly an emotion that reoccurs.  It is a fear of the unknown, and even a fear of the known.  The statistics surrounding employment has been that fear that stirred action and planning for Bill and I the last several years.  We began the planning long before we really knew what direction he would want or even be able to go.  Plans A, B, C, and D were contemplated.  College was something that seemed way out of reach, but we were not setting out to close doors for Billy but prepare him with options and for opportunities.

School was never easy for Billy; so much had to be overcome by him to even get to the work.  He can’t see lines on paper, words bounce around on him, and every sound is a distraction and frustration.  For the first seven years of homeschooling I sat beside him each and every moment clearing the distractions and giving him tools to enable him to take in the information and process it meaningfully.  My hope was certainly to enable him to someday do this on his own. I will be honest and say it really wasn’t something I was sure would happen.  To then be able to say he is there, we are planning college, and I know he will do well makes us absolutely proud.  The fact that Billy can learn so many other things that I could never teach him is something to give thanks.

So yes, college visiting has begun.  It is often difficult for anyone to know at the young age of sixteen what you want to do for the rest of his life.  So we began with what he does very, very well, and that is writing.  Our short term goal is a two year school which will allow him to graduate with an employable skill.  From there he will be able to decide his next steps.  I can hardly wait to see him begin.  The best is truly yet to come.