Friday, May 13, 2016, I found out that I was going to take my first SAT test in just three weeks. I felt a lot of panic and stress when I heard that news. I was not expecting to take an SAT till the end of the year in October. I had been studying for the test on Khan Academy, so if I hadn’t studied I probably would have been more stressed.

In those three weeks I watched videos, took practice tests, and worked on my handwriting. I also needed to get a picture ID in order to take the test. When I took the practice tests, I didn’t feel that nervous on the English tests. I even did pretty good on them. I took it twice, and the second time I got more questions right than wrong. I was satisfied either way. The math questions on the other hand were pretty stressing.  I must admit I got only five questions right in both times I took the practice.  I felt lucky that I had even gotten any right.

In those three weeks I knew that I would need to deal with many things. Whenever I get nervous about something, my hands shake on their own.  It gets more difficult as the days drew closer. My mind was filled with questions like “will I oversleep and not make the test?” or “what if I get lost and not be able to find the room?”, or “will I have to hand write every question?”.

As soon as I entered the room the opposite to what I expected happened. My hands weren’t shaking, and all I had to do was fill in bubbles with a pencil. During the whole two-and-a-half hours of the test, I felt confident with a lot of the questions, even the math ones. The only problem was that I didn’t fill in the bubbles I was supposed to, instead I just plainly wrote the answer. I will have to go in one more time, and then I will know how to correct the error that I made last time. The lesson I learned was to never worry about what is to come because God will have it covered.