Hello. I am Jonathan, the third child in our family, and I am also Billy’s younger and also way smaller brother. I want to let everyone know about his patience and overflowing-from-a-top-of-a-skyscraper kindness.

First, let us start with patience. When I teach my brother baseball, and I show him how to throw overhand, and in the right posture, he has trouble with doing it. I think he understands how to do it, but performing it seems difficult for him. When this happens I feel like giving up on it and moving to something else, and honestly sometimes I do give up and stop trying. I know he can do things like this.  For example, he has these exercises for a program he does and one of these exercises are cross marches. He had so much trouble with putting one leg up and tapping it with the opposite hand (instead of tapping his leg he slapped them so he had these red marks on his leg).  We had to fix that! Mom wanted me to coach him to try to fix these cross marches so I broke it down and had him just do plain marches, and then I had him just walk around crossing his arms. He worked so hard at doing this a couple days later he was doing full cross marches with no hesitation, and no help. Every time I see that I feel proud of him, it gives me a reminder that if he works really hard at something, he can conquer it. Great job Billy, my man!

Now his amazing kindness. This guy is the nicest guy around, can I get a witness! If you ask him for something, I guarantee that he will give it to you happily (at this moment in writing this he just gave me a piece of cake! I rest my case).  Billy, I want you to know how nice you are, and I am learning so much from you! Happy Birthday, Billy!