Sarcasm is one of the wonderful gifts I love to share with people (yes, I got that from a T-Shirt). Unfortunately, some people get offended and a wonderful joke I created was sadly wasted. One of these people was Billy. He used to take things very seriously which made him offended by my jokes. For example, my grandmom is sarcastic also, so, when she does something great for us, I will say that she is the “Worst Grandmom Ever.”  Bill would get mad at me for being mean to grandmom of which we both tried to explain to him that it was a joke.

   So I do not know the exact scientific neuroscience or mathematical whatever that causes this.  Of course, I always have Cosmic Search on my side (yes, I had to advertise). Autistic people usually are unable to understand sarcasm (sarcasm is a really complex science apparently) because “they can’t grasp the complex relationship between language, intention, and context.” However, once they can grasp this they will be able to understand sarcasm right… well not really. Why can’t people just say what they mean?  God designed the person’s brain with different tissues in the brain, and sarcasm using three parts of the brain at once to be able to understand and say it and yeah…really complex stuff.

   Now back to Billy…he did not understand sarcasm until he was 14 (yes, Billy told me this you know me and dates), and he is 17 today (Happy Birthday!) So yes it took a long time and he is quite good at it… not quite as great as me but maybe he will get there. So he can now understand most sarcastic jokes some he might not get but a slight tweak will make him understand it.

   As a brother of an autistic person I definitely learned from this and other things like patience and understanding that people are really not created the same.  People have different strengths and weaknesses, but that does not mean that they can’t improve on their weaknesses.  It takes effort over time…a day, a month, 14 years.  What I learned to do is to be patient no matter what.  Billy has taught me a lot and has helped me be better with people.



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