Every day, I am amazed and thankful on how far I have been able to come. Because of what happened last week, I am even more amazed and thankful. It started out a normal day, until I received a large package in the mail. This package was from Manor College, the college I applied for a few weeks ago. It turned out I was accepted!  Before all this happened, I had set many different goals that would help me before and during college.

One thing I have done was prepared for and taken the SAT. It wasn’t easy, but I did receive a good score. Something else I do now is around test taking.  When I take a test in my current coursework, I go through the test questions without looking up the answer. This will prepare me in case I can’t take an open book exam in college. I also have some goals after completing my two year college.  If I really enjoy business, maybe I will pursue a bachelors degree in a different college. If I don’t maybe I’ll figure out another interest. As of now, I am still celebrating this great news.