We are still reeling over Billy’s college acceptance to Manor College.  It came so much sooner than expected; we were not even watching for news yet.  That certainly added to the excitement.  Mostly we were excited because this is something he wanted and worked for.  Goal setting…it has been such a huge part of our journey.

Bill and I are natural goal setters.  It is what we did as a couple, and it is what we do as a family.  How we set our goals has most certainly changed through the years.  Maybe it is more correct to say how we view goals has been changed and grown in our lives.  A verse that packages that up neatly is Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way,but the Lord establishes his steps.  It was most certainly part of our plans to make sure our children had every opportunity to become educated and independent and through that use those opportunities to serve God with their lives.  The word independent takes a big hit when the Autism is uttered into your life.  Our steps were clearly no longer established by us, and we just knew to keep walking.  The Lord has been so faithful.

College admittance was never the end game to education, and it still isn’t.  Learning is such a gift that expands what we know and how we use our individual gifts with what we learn.  For us, the first goal in education for Billy was simply learning how to get all the information coming at him past that huge sensory wall, and then passing that onto him.  And so it went, little step by little step, more often then not, accidentally stumbling across the methods that worked best.  Now we have a young man standing before us that has the tools he needs to take over his own goal setting and two very proud parents ready to have him do just that.  Most importantly, he knows that it is God that will continue to establish his steps.