This is it. I am finished with high school. It was over before I knew it, and it finished before I expected. On Friday June 2, I completed my final assignment for a hard course, accounting. Now I am ready to start college after a three month summer. All of my credits are recorded, I have my diploma in my hand, and I already had my party. Now I just have one more summer before college starts.

My challenge is for me to keep really busy for the next three months. This is a summer I haven’t had to do any extra schoolwork. This has not happened to me since the summer of 2013. This summer I have more time to do what I love like reading and exercising. Also, I am helping around the house much more. Finally, I would like to continue catching up on writing more blogs. I also will have another internship to look forward to.

One thing I have noticed is that I need to improve in is facial recognition. I am going to spend some of the summer reading articles and books about this topic. I am planning this summer to write a blog on this topic. I am really looking forward to what the summer brings for me. I will keep you posted on future blogs.