About a month ago, I experienced a very scary moment…a moment that was out of the ordinary for me. Usually I am very cautious, a little too cautious. For example, if a car were coming, even if I had the walking advantage, I would still wait for it to pass before I crossed the street. In this case the exact opposite happened for me.


One day my family and I had returned from a Fourth of July event with relatives. There were many things needed to be unpacked from the back of the car. It was a packed street so the car was parked across the street from the house. I was the only one who hadn’t crossed the street yet. Then a car came, and I ran across the street as it was passing through. I realized that I made a big mistake.


I forgot to make face recognition with the driver who didn’t see me. The problem wasn’t that I was in my own little world, it was how my brain worked. I think my brain was more concerned about the heavy bags than crossing the street. I feel what I should’ve done is either asked for help carrying the bags or taken separate trips.  The next day I had more time to practice while running a mile and a half.