I cannot believe it has been almost three months since September 5, 2017. That particular day was my first day at Manor College for the Business Administration. I have also almost completed my first semester.  There have been things in the school that I thought were what I thought, and there were things that were much different than I expected.

One thing I didn’t expect was the work in college. Honestly, I thought I would receive more homework than I ever had. Really, it seems I only have one assignment for each class every week. But, I don’t know if that will change next year when I go into my more advanced courses like accounting.  I also chose to do morning classes which means I do the work part at home. This is convenient because I can ask my parents help if I need it. 

Another thing, the classes are not set up the way I expected. I thought the classes would be in lecture form. Every class is discussion based. I made many friends by doing this. I also like this because it gets me more engaged during the lessons. 

I have really enjoyed taking classes in the building. I haven’t done this since I was in seventh grade. I feel it give me independence. A cool thing is I get to ride the bus to and from school. I like doing it because it saves Mom from picking me up and dropping me off every day. Another thing I do sometimes is stay longer to go to an event Manor is hosting. I cannot wait to find out what the rest of my college days will have in store.