I’m a bit behind Billy on this blogging.  He wrote his entry as he was about to finish the first semester, and here I am as he is about to start the second!  Let me start by ending the suspense.  He did incredibly well in all areas of starting college including how it showed in his grades.


It was so wonderful to see him using all of the many tools he and I spent years putting in his “tool box” to pave his own way through the first semester with no real assistance from us.  He navigated his own way.  Every day he got himself to and from school on the bus, by two weeks in I had stopped staring at my app every minute “virtually” watching his every move.  Yes, he absolutely has the bus route memorized!!  He advocated for himself and by himself.  Not too far into the semester, Billy had clearly developed very good and open communication between him and all of his teachers.  The first hurdle he had was to make sure all of his teachers were ok with his communication and evaluations being handled without handwriting.  He handled that completely on his own.  To be clear, Billy has zero formal accommodations.  (We have always preferred the gentleman agreement when it comes to help.  That unfortunately does not give the child enough protection and service in a public education system.  With us going through private routes handled mostly at home we had far more flexibility on this end.) 


There was one college experience I feel he missed.  The poor kid has no idea, yet, what crunch time means.  I am obviously being sarcastic here.  It was amazing and quite humbling to see him get completely through the first semester working well ahead.  I certainly never accomplished that in my college career.  He was very diligent with every bit of his work, never missed a class and never went down to the wire handing anything in.  Bill and I looking on were not at all surprised, but very proud.


Heading into Semester two, the difficulty of classes is increasing quite a bit.  He has several math based classes, so getting through this will be a challenge.  One he is up for I am sure.  Keep up the good work, Billy!!!