Many dreams shifted when the reality of Autism plunged into our lives.  The most frightening one has certainly been the image of what independence looks like. Bill and I have taken great intentional care edging Billy closer and closer to being able to claim that title.  Watching him this semester take on Manor has been one encouraging leap toward that end.  Not only was this his first semester in college, which is an adjustment for anyone, but it was his first time out of the house, navigating many things like transportation for himself.  He has done an amazing job.


As he now gets really close to finishing his Freshman year so we are able to look at the many questions that have been answered so far.  He is clearly capable of taking on the challenges that have come at him in this setting.  He loves the school and has gotten involved in many leadership roles.  His ability to self-advocate is truly amazing. In a previous blog I shared that Business Administration was a path we chose for him based on that majors ability to give him marketable skills as well as utilizing the ways he is gifted. Now the discussion begins to shift.  Now comes the time he is able to set his own path of what he wants to do.  Teaching continues to be what he comes back to.  More than anyone I know, he has truly seen the difference a teacher can make in your life.