A couple of weeks ago on May 1, 2018, I was finishing the last few da ys of my first year of college. I learned the word generalizationthat day. This is something that has been troubling for me throughout my eighteen years. Generalizationin my words is where you take what you know from one thing and apply it to another thing.

As an example, one day I was working on some Business Math problems at home.  I was having trouble understanding a problem which required basic Algebra. However, with my mom at my side, I was able to figure out what to do first and from there to solve the rest of the problem. The next problem was the exact same thing and yet I was having trouble with it. In the end I was still able to explain it and complete it, but I didn’t act as quickly on completing it as the first problem.

After Mom told me about this, she related it to me riding the bus. It took me a few attempts to get off at the right stop. Now, I am fully comfortable on the ride to and from Manor College, but I need to see how I would do on another bus heading to another destination. I would have to do the regular routines on the bus like pulling the switch and inserting my card.  I would generalizethose particular steps along with figuring out how to get off at another stop. Even though I struggle with generalizing, I feel I have gotten a whole lot better at it than before.