“One Bite at a Time” is a title with many stories.  Someday I will share them, but for today I will just jump in with two feet.  This blog has been written for the last sixteen years.  As a parent, I have been asked countless times by very, very encouraging friends to get this journey through Autism down on paper.  There were many reasons I did not, the biggest being that this is not my story.

Bill and I have had the absolute honor, joy, and responsibility to pray and trust and stumble — sometimes through unchartered water.  Make no mistake, this is Billy’s story, and I am so very excited to write this with him.  What a joy to partner up with the young man who has far exceeded every hope and expectation I have had for him…and truly the best is yet to come!

So I am Lisa, wife to Bill, Mother to Billy, Andrew, Jonathan, Luke and Katie Jo…join us as we take on “One Bite at a Time”.