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William Rodebaugh

Setting Goals – Billy

Every day, I am amazed and thankful on how far I have been able to come. Because of what happened last week, I am even more amazed and thankful. It started out a normal day, until I received a large… Continue Reading →

SAT – Billy

Friday, May 13, 2016, I found out that I was going to take my first SAT test in just three weeks. I felt a lot of panic and stress when I heard that news. I was not expecting to take… Continue Reading →

Autism Awareness Part I – Billy

April is Autism Awareness Month. All month long those who have autism like me are honored by wearing blue shirts and things like that. What I think is most important for this month is that people know more about what… Continue Reading →

College Experience – Billy

A couple weeks ago on March 12, 2016, my parents, a friend, and I went to look at Manor College, a small school outside of Philadelphia.  I have wanted to go there, since I attended a camp at Manor last… Continue Reading →

Reactions From Food – Billy

It seems that reactions with food are a big part of my autism. In my body proteins in gluten and casein are not able to be broken down. To help me with some but not all of the foods I… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl – Billy

This blog goes out to all the sports fans who are exited about the upcoming Super Bowl. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the time I went to a football game. On Saturday night, November 28, 2015,… Continue Reading →

Fear – Billy

About twelve years ago I discovered an unlikely fear. It was a classical musical piece called “Carnival of the Animals”. Because I enjoyed classical music, I would get music for birthdays and for Christmas.  I had more than one copy… Continue Reading →

Sarcasm – Billy

Something I have struggled with and gotten a little better on is sarcasm. When I was younger I had absolutely no understanding about sarcasm. I got very confused when a sibling, family member, or other person would say things like… Continue Reading →

One Bite At A Time – Billy

My mom and I started writing this blog series eight weeks ago. There might be a question in everybody’s mind about the title of our blog, “One bite at a time”. So for that reason, me and mom thought it… Continue Reading →

Proper Tendencies – Billy

Something I have had for as long as I remember is proper tendency, which is a term of my own creation.  A proper tendency is a specific activity that needs to be handled before I can handle other things. Examples… Continue Reading →

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