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Setting Goals – Billy

Every day, I am amazed and thankful on how far I have been able to come. Because of what happened last week, I am even more amazed and thankful. It started out a normal day, until I received a large… Continue Reading →

Setting Goals – Mom

We are still reeling over Billy’s college acceptance to Manor College.  It came so much sooner than expected; we were not even watching for news yet.  That certainly added to the excitement.  Mostly we were excited because this is something… Continue Reading →

Summer Strategies – Billy

It is hard to believe summer vacation 2016 is already here. I am going on my fourth full week already. I have had a great summer so far both at home and going on trips.  One thing I have been… Continue Reading →

Summer Strategies – Mom

I love this entry of Billy’s for so many reasons.   We have worked so many years on helping Billy create and implement strategies designed to keep his head in the game.  For him it takes a lot of work… Continue Reading →

Sarcasm – Andrew

   Sarcasm is one of the wonderful gifts I love to share with people (yes, I got that from a T-Shirt). Unfortunately, some people get offended and a wonderful joke I created was sadly wasted. One of these people was Billy…. Continue Reading →

Patience and Overflowing Kindness – Jonathan

Hello. I am Jonathan, the third child in our family, and I am also Billy’s younger and also way smaller brother. I want to let everyone know about his patience and overflowing-from-a-top-of-a-skyscraper kindness. First, let us start with patience. When… Continue Reading →

Appreciation – Luke

Hi my name is Luke, and I’m the brother of Billy. I want to show how much I appreciate him. Today is his birthday.  I appreciate him for always letting me go first. He has taught me a lot such… Continue Reading →

SAT – Billy

Friday, May 13, 2016, I found out that I was going to take my first SAT test in just three weeks. I felt a lot of panic and stress when I heard that news. I was not expecting to take… Continue Reading →

SAT – Mom

Let’s do a little pretend psychological study. What thoughts come to mind when I say these words; school, prepare, SAT, success?  What I know for certain is that what I would say today is vastly different from what I would… Continue Reading →

Autism Awareness Part I – Billy

April is Autism Awareness Month. All month long those who have autism like me are honored by wearing blue shirts and things like that. What I think is most important for this month is that people know more about what… Continue Reading →

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