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Autism Awareness Part I – Mom

Bill and I waited until Billy was twelve to tell him he had Autism.  This is not a one size fits all way to do things, and right up until we did, I prayed I was doing the right thing. … Continue Reading →

College Experience – Billy

A couple weeks ago on March 12, 2016, my parents, a friend, and I went to look at Manor College, a small school outside of Philadelphia.  I have wanted to go there, since I attended a camp at Manor last… Continue Reading →

College Experience – Mom

The diagnosis of Autism stirred many emotions within my Mammas heart through the years.  Fear is certainly an emotion that reoccurs.  It is a fear of the unknown, and even a fear of the known.  The statistics surrounding employment has… Continue Reading →

Reactions From Food – Billy

It seems that reactions with food are a big part of my autism. In my body proteins in gluten and casein are not able to be broken down. To help me with some but not all of the foods I… Continue Reading →

Reactions From Food – Mom

When Billy was around three I really felt he was slipping quickly away from me.  My happy smiley boy was getting more and more distant, his eyes were glazed over, drool would soak his shirts, and his lips were the… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl – Billy

This blog goes out to all the sports fans who are exited about the upcoming Super Bowl. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the time I went to a football game. On Saturday night, November 28, 2015,… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl – Mom

Sounds hurt Billy and not just a little bit.  One of our biggest responsibilities as parents is to keep our children safe.  For Billy that included, as much as humanly possible, avoiding loud and chaotic places.  It was really never… Continue Reading →

Fear – Billy

About twelve years ago I discovered an unlikely fear. It was a classical musical piece called “Carnival of the Animals”. Because I enjoyed classical music, I would get music for birthdays and for Christmas.  I had more than one copy… Continue Reading →

Fear – Mom

Fear is not alway rational. I have a completely irrational fear of heights.  Fear, I believe though, is always real and sometimes completely torpefying, I had to throw in a new word to say just how paralyzing it can be! … Continue Reading →

Sarcasm – Billy

Something I have struggled with and gotten a little better on is sarcasm. When I was younger I had absolutely no understanding about sarcasm. I got very confused when a sibling, family member, or other person would say things like… Continue Reading →

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