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Sarcasm – Mom

I am so very fortunate to have a friendship that spans decades, but that was almost all lost in a moment when I unleashed my sarcastic wit upon her in the very early days of this friendship.  Thankfully, she was… Continue Reading →

One Bite At A Time – Billy

My mom and I started writing this blog series eight weeks ago. There might be a question in everybody’s mind about the title of our blog, “One bite at a time”. So for that reason, me and mom thought it… Continue Reading →

One Bite At A Time – Mom

We have all done things that are new to us…things where we feel completely unsuited.  Ask my cousins how well I did my first and last time on water skis.  I flopped like a fish within seconds and held on… Continue Reading →

Proper Tendencies – Billy

Something I have had for as long as I remember is proper tendency, which is a term of my own creation.  A proper tendency is a specific activity that needs to be handled before I can handle other things. Examples… Continue Reading →

Proper Tendencies – Mom

Proper Tendencies! This may be one of my favorite topics Billy has chosen so far.  Truly proper tendencies shows off so much of his uniqueness as well as highlighting just how hard he works to do his very best. Billy… Continue Reading →

A Special Edition (A Quiet Vigil) – Mom

Billy was 18 months old, it was a Sunday and I was rushing around trying to get a few things done while he was quietly playing.  I heard a persistent knock, I wasn’t expecting anyone, and Bill had just run… Continue Reading →

A Special Edition (Noise) – Billy

The long wait is almost over. It is almost Christmas Day. Even though it is a very exciting time of year, it can also be a loud and rushed time of year. For many years I have been fighting through… Continue Reading →

Memories – Billy

I have had a gift for most of my life which has amazed me and others. It gives me the ability to remember dates, birthdays, and other thing like that. It usually helps my parents and my brothers let them… Continue Reading →

Memories – Mom

This week Billy is talking about one of his many gifts, his memory.  Let me just say…it is crazy!!  From the time he could speak I knew his memory was something special, after all he knew every classical composer and… Continue Reading →

Lost in Confusion – Billy

I am often confused. Part of the reason this happens is because I seem to fall in to my own little world. This means that I am sucked into my own thoughts instead of focusing in what is right in… Continue Reading →

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